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Preorders are being taken for the Maze of the dead kits. Orders will be processed after the kickstarter pledges. While on preorder they are priced at kickstarter prices but will increase once the kickstarter pledges are complete.

For a city style board like those on the kickstarter order a gaming board and then the buildings etc you want separately.

Expected dispatch time for any new pre-orders will be February


There are several options to choose from. These are different layouts from 2x2 up to 8x4 feet. Each tile is 1x1 foot.




You have the choice of what color lights you want or no lights and if you would like the magnets or not.




You may also choose a different style of walls to the base




you get all these options on the product pages



Each tile comes with 2 clips so that you may attach the tiles together, these are not permanent clips their purpose to stop the tiles moving around during play. They sit underneath each tile. Each tile also comes with a small cross shape to glue into the centre of each tile to prevent it sagging.



Dungeon Boards
Dungeon Boards