Skypad system

Wargame-model-mods - skypad system

Latest release from wargame-model-mods is the skypad system.

It works around the skypads which are the lower parts with the ramps, these can have towers added onto them which sit in the centre

the towers can be connected to each other using a bridge.

Dimensions for skypads, excluding ramps
wide 300mm
depth 350mm
height 125mm

Dimensions for tower
wide 230mm
depth 201mm
height 204mm

the skyapds are massive allowing large aircraft to land on them or several large model move around. Even with the tower attached there is more than enough room to move squad around on it.

The tower comes with plenty of each detail such as ladder, two types of Fans, several vents and different sized exhaust nodes

Skypad tower
skypad double tower and bridge
Skypad triple tower and bridges