This uses 8 card tubes as well as my laser cut wood, these are included in the kit. The kit is packed with detail on the walls and floors, it is pretty simple to construct and can be rearranged each time you use it by not gluing the pipes and floors in place.

This kit is hugely customisable. The sections can be stacked and arranged in anyway with the ability to locate the pipe supports in any location.

The sections can have multiple pipes coming off them. the floors can be arranged on top of the pipes as walkways or on the sides as wall.

There are a bunch of ladders that double up as barriers.

Comes with 4 value sections, that fit directly onto the pipes.

These kits can work in multiples extending the size of the kit

The board this kit is laid out on it 900x600mm so this kit can be arranged to cover a large area, or set up in a more compact nature


3 rectangle sections
8 floors
3 cube sections
8 pipes
2 corners
various bulkheads, pipe ends etc
Barriers / ladders.