Ingot Factory

 Ingot Factory


This is one of my most detailed buildings i have produced. It is packed with industrial features.

There is a large tank on top of the building to store red hot metal in. which then runs down in to a smaller tank ready to be poured into ingot moulds. This area would look great painted up in reds/yellows using object source lighting techniques to represent the glow of molten metal. Both tanks have an extra piece of wood in them to represent the level of the metal and provide a great flat surface to paint onto. These can the altered in height between two levels

The rest of the building features numerous industrial themed details. Along the walls we have air vents to feed the internal furnace to keep all the metal molten and heat extractors to take away excess heat

At the front of the control tower we have some pipes supplying fuel to heat the metal.

Dimensions are
wide 250mm
depth 290mm
height 106mm